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What the f*** should I do today? 
–– A decision-making web application that offers activity recommendations in Berlin.



Design • UX • UI • Development • Frontend • Backend

Javascript  React Node.js Express.js  MongoDB HTML CSS Git

"What the fuck should I do today?" is a platform designed to simplify your decision-making process and provide activity recommendations in the city of Berlin based on your preferences.

Whether you're a local resident seeking fresh ideas or a visitor looking to explore the city's hidden gems, this app is your ultimate companion.

The problem

The city of Berlin offers a plenty of activity options, making it challenging for some individuals to decide on their plans. This abundance of choices and the  hesitation of numerous individuals can lead to decision fatigue and uncertainty.

The goal

My website aims to make decision making easier by providing users an easy platform to easily discover and choose from a wide range of activities in Berlin. With random suggestions, search filters and the ability to create and share activities, users can find inspiration effortlessly and make faster choices.

My role

As the owner, my role includes various aspects of website development and maintenance. I handle UX and graphic design, frontend and backend programming, ensuring a smooth, user-centered and visually appealing user interface. My goal is to create an intuitive and engaging experience that meets the needs and preferences of the audience.

User privacy, user experience, content moderation, activity database management, technical performance, feedback and support. In fulfilling these responsibilities, I work towards creating a user-centric platform that allows users to discover, personalize and share urban activities in Berlin, ultimately improving their overall satisfaction and enjoyment.

Powered by technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React.js, the "What the fuck should I do today?" app offers a seamless and intuitive user experience. We leverage the power of Mongoose and MongoDB for efficient data storage and retrieval, while Express and Node.js provide a robust backend framework to ensure optimal performance.

To enhance the visual appeal and user interface of our app, I incorporate the Material UI framework for elements like buttons, fields and dropdowns. For the rest just all my personal design skills. Additionally, I used React Wrap Balancer to optimize texts and Notistack to provide instant feedback and notifications for a smooth CRUD experience.