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–– Website for NFT collection based on the ethereum blockchain.



Design • UX • UI • Development • Frontend

Javascript React HTML CSS Git

Coolphabet - The Cool Letters Crew is a NFT collection based on the ethereum blockchain. There are 216 unique letters, generated from all alphabetical characters and numbers. They come in six different color schemes and have a very fresh, beautiful and strong look.

The goal

Coolphabet aimed to achieve two primary goals: first, to create an engaging and visually appealing NFT collection centered around letters and alphabets, and second, to provide a practical learning experience in web3 and blockchain technologies for the team involved.

My role

My primary role revolved around the design aspect. I was responsible for creating captivating artworks for each letter in the collection and designing the overall look and feel of the website. Additionally, I made contributions to the frontend development by implementing various features and ensuring an attractive user experience.


Coolphabet's website design was carefully crafted to visually align with the letter collection, creating a cohesive and captivating experience. As the designer, I integrated interactive details such as custom pointers, an interactive logo, and scroll-triggered element animations. These elements enhanced user engagement and added visual interest to the website, elevating the overall experience and showcasing the artwork in an appealing and dynamic manner.


To bring Coolphabet to life, a range of technologies were employed. The web development stack consisted of React along with Next.js. In terms of blockchain and web3 integration, Ethereum was utilized as the blockchain platformand Solidity was employed to write and deploy the NFT contract.